Thursday, August 20, 2015

Venezuela didn't take long to go from a touted socialist Utopia to being a failed hell hole

Socialism in full collapse in Venezuela.

Reports of electric outages or toilet paper shortages are old hat.

Now, there's a report newborns are dying in hospital after being exposed to bacteria from opossums that have infested the facility. Inoperable toilets are another, uh, inconvenience.

Wasn't but a couple of years ago that European and American Lefties were still celebrating the progress of Venezuela's socialist revolution.

Digging around earlier today, I found a 2009 article where an apparently left leaning American was gushing with praise for Venezuelan health care.

Socialism can look fine for a time, until the parasite that it is begins to suck enough life out of its host to begin killing it. And yes, corruption can speed the process.

To borrow another phrase, socialism sucks when it runs out of other people's money.

Collapse happened fast in Venezuela.

With the damage done to our economy, our infrastructure, and our social structure under the guise of fundamental transformation over the past six years or so, don't assume an American downfall wouldn't come as hard and fast.

Don and I will give this topic, and few others, some play on the Friday, August 21, Don and Doug program.

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