Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another shooting, another lame call for more gun control

Progressive Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seemingly blames a lack of national control for the shooting of one of his aides in New York City early Monday morning.

New York has some of the most severe restrictions on gun control in the nation. So severe, the state seems wary of trying to enforce some of them on a broad scale for fear of touching off an open, armed insurrection.

Cuomo blames stolen or smuggled guns for problems in New York City when he says stronger national policy is needed.


Name one state where gun theft or firearm straw purchases aren't already illegal.

Here's an idea.

Maybe Gov. Cuomo should look at other causes of gang violence like the cross-fire that gravely wounded his aide.

Maybe Gov Cuomo should look how perceptions of law and order have deteriorated in New York City since a Sandinista wannabe was sworn in as mayor.

And for the record, New York City, under Mayor Bill De Blasio, claims crime has declined and that there are now fewer shootings in NYC, though De Blasio admits certain minority neighborhoods have stand-out problems.

So, coming from even from De Blasio's position, what's with the hysteria Cuomo's trying to whip up?

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