Saturday, September 5, 2015

Law of the land

Much is being made of the defiant court clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky.

County Court Clerk Kim Davis is now jailed for contempt of court for refusing orders that she issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Bottom line, she's failed to fall in line with a new command of the federal government that didn't exist nine months ago when Davis took her oath of office.

But is she really as out of line with today's America as her detractors contend?

Overall, I suspect American government has begun to loose its luster of legitimacy.

Davis is but one example of willful non-compliance.

Obama's stance on immigration is another, as he contends he can usurp legislative power by way of a phone and his pen.

States now legalize marijuana in violation of federal law.

In Connecticut and New York, it's estimated that hundreds of thousands of gun owners may be in willful non compliance of gun registration laws enacted by those states a couple of years ago. Despite widespread non-compliance, those states have yet to launch any orchestrated attempt to identify and prosecute those committing what are felony violations.

 Meanwhile, established treaty practices outlined in the Constitution have been turned upside down in favor of "deals" like the one being cut with Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry has also  signed the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty over the expressed objections of the US senators.

In Obama's "fundamentally changed" America "Law of the land" apparently doesn't carry the kind of meaning it once did.

Update: It's been noted by a friend that I overlooked mention the numerous "sanctuary cities" that refuse to enforce federal immigration law.

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