Thursday, September 3, 2015

Watching ice melt as calls for race war heat up...

Obama was up in Alaska this week, telling us we all need to keep a war eye on a melting glacier.

Meanwhile, in the lower 48, hard to tell how many paid the preezy any heed.

Most folks are preoccupied with other things.

Donald Trump... a court clerk in Kentucky... a new season of Dancing With the Stars...

Some folks even talking race war.

DC TV station WUSA reports:
Carlos Anthony Hollins, 20, was arrested Wednesday after the La Plata (Maryland) Police Department was alerted to a tweet written by him.  
“I’m not gonna stand for this no. more. Tonight we purge! Kill all the white ppl in the town of La Plata #BlackLivesMatter” Hollins posted on his Twitter account Tuesday. 
Hollins isn't alone.  And Twitter's not the only venue with themes of rising race war.

There's a guy who calls himself King Noble on YouTube.

His message?

"It's open season on killing whites and police." 

Sure, these appear to be marginal characters preaching an outlandish, marginal theme.

But the calls appear to come from an increasing number of such characters, and with increasing frequency.

Louis Farakhan of the Nation of Islam has especially seemed to up his rhetoric in the past year or so, but then hurls criticism at those who report his comments.

It seems long ago, perhaps in another dimension, that Democrats told us the election of Barack Obama, America's first black president, would usher in a new age of post-racial America.

What we got instead is a president who tells us to watch ice melt as black supremacists exhort followers to embrace some kind of black-on-white race war.

Whether this race war comes to be, or (perhaps more accurately) rises to the point of being generally recognized as such, remains to be seen.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    The sad thing is that they will find ripe pickings as they kill off the DWL's among them...this will embolden them and the effect will spread. I really hoped that race relations would have gotten better. I was given "The talk" by my Dad in the early 80's. I swore I would never give the same to my son. Well I gave it to him several months ago when I saw all the trouble and agitation going on.