Thursday, October 8, 2015

Are you watching what your kids are watching?

Borrowed this from a Facebook post:
This is a warning to all parents of teenagers... beware those popular shows your kids are watching. I'm about to get up on my soapbox, not as anyone other than the parent of two teenage daughters. I was introduced to American Horror Story for the first time tonight, even though the cable network show on FX has apparently been on for four seasons and has a cast full of well-known stars. Now I like horror movies as much as the next guy, and my older daughter was counting down the hours until tonight's season 5 premiere came on. But I was hardly prepared for the sadomasochistic content that I felt goes far beyond even a rated-R movie. I was deeply disturbed by what was on my own television which was switched off half-way through. And apparently it's a hip, "artistic" show that EVERYONE watches (It was even trending on Twitter). No wonder we have problems with our society. Our kids are watching sick crap like this! Luckily we only have cable on the main television in our house and Netflix is about to get canceled after tonight. You may be a fan of the show, but for those who had no idea be forewarned. It is nothing like the Friday the 13th or Freddy Krueger movies we grew up watching. It's a thousand times worse.
In the age of Internet and multiple TVs scattered throughout the house, too few parents realize how explicit and dark "mainstream" entertainment has become.

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