Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Armor of Light" just another stab at anti-gun indoctrination.

The anti-gun lobby is trying to make the most of Abigail Disney's (Walt's grandniece) anti-gun documentary that tries to make the most of the premise that there's a contradiction between being an evangelical Christian who is anti-abortion and being pro-gun.

Why not turn the tables, and claim it's hypocrisy to be pro-abortion and anti-death penalty?

I haven't seen Disney's The Armor of Light, but I've read some reviews, and I've seen the trailer. Disney's effort is not unlike propaganda of the late 1930s that sought to indoctrinate a viewpoint that it was immoral for Christians and Christian nations to arm in opposition to the rising Nazi or Japanese war machines.

For those unfamiliar with the isolationist, anti-war propaganda of the 1930s, I recommend viewing Peace on Earth, an MGM cartoon from 1939 (As of this writing, Peace on Earth is available for viewing on YouTube).

Would the world be a better place had Americans never "gunned up" and opposed conquests by Germany and Japan?

For that matter, what would America be like today had America's Christian colonists followed the decrees of the king, been acquiescent to tyranny, and allowed British soldiers to disarm them before a revolution could take shape?

And let's not overlook the thousands of times (perhaps more than two million) a year that someone having a gun thwarts a crime in modern America.

I find it impossible to believe America today would be a better place if presently armed Christians and other law abiding citizens surrendered their guns, allowing perpetrators of evil to know they had a monopoly on use of lethal force to carry out crimes against the good and innocent.

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  1. A better understanding of the Biblical basis of Christian self-defense can be found in Greg Hopkins' book, A Time To Kill. For those of you in the Birmingham AL area, Mr. Hopkins will be giving a talk at Hoover Tactical Firearms at 6PM on 12 November. I'm sure he'll have some copies to autograph and sell at that time.