Friday, October 16, 2015

Democrats really really really want to relieve us of our guns

Another rare moment of truthfulness from Hillary Clinton today.

If elected president, Clinton says she'd be willing to consider an Australian style civilian gun confiscation program.

Of course, Ms. Clinton refers to such an endeavor as a gun buy-back.

Also today, before hearing of Clinton's latest rambling, Don Dickinson and I hashed over some of the gun-grabbing clues dropped during this week's Democratic presidential candidates debate.

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Of course, most Dems have learned to be cagey in how they describe their ambitions. Gone are the days of demanding outright confiscation.  Today's Democrats tend to speak in more general terms like "gun safety legislation" or limiting public pitches to "enhanced" background checks.

Don't buy into the deceptive labeling. Confiscation and elimination are the end game being sought.

Gun-hating Democrats have said so too many times to believe they've given up now.

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