Monday, October 26, 2015

Down time, and working on a home project or two

Had some folks over Friday night, the girls had the Taylor Swift concert Saturday, and I've managed to drum up a few projects at home that have me busy.

One of those projects is coming up with a surveillance camera system to monitor outside the house. The boxed HD systems seemed a little pricey, and I wanted at least 720p HD resolution. So, I'm going to cobble together my own set from different vendors to make my own system.

Found a few of the components at local retail, but most the stuff needed to be ordered.

We haven't had any problems in our neighborhood, but one less than a mile away has had overnight intruders entering a couple of occupied homes through basement doors. And, a couple of years ago, one of our neighbors had a camera set up that caught a guy trying to enter a car parked beside his house.

One more goody's on the way. A budget night vision monocular, one that's CCD based on camera technology, not the more traditional "Gen 1" or much more expensive follow-up series of traditional gear.  While it might do in a pinch to scan for bad guys, I'm primarily going to use it to scan a spot down the street where my car headlights spotted a fox or two last year. We also had a coyote sighting last year. I'm curious to see what may be sitting in the night shadows with the new "toy", which advertises to be good out to a range beyond 200 yards.

I'm also curious to see what a low light device might do to make stars more visible in our light-polluted suburban locale.

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