Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My letter to Congressman Rob Woodall (R-Ga)

This has been sent via email to my congressman:
We voted in a Congress that promised to oppose Obama, and got a Congress that gives Obama blank checks and a free reign. 
It's time to vote NO on Boehner's Zombie Budget betrayal. 
If you respect the representative Congress left to us by the founders, you will also vote NO on the choice of Ryan as speaker. 
To vote "yes" on either makes you fully complicit with destruction of representative government, makes you fully complicit with however Obama chooses to move his transformational agenda forward over the next 15 months.
I also suggest interacting with members of Congress by way of their Twitter feeds and Facebook accounts. It not only communicates with the member of Congress, but it also lets other constituents know they're not alone in standing against the Big Party juggernaut.

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