Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Run, don't walk, away from Ryan

Courtesy: War on Guns
Paul Ryan is another establishment GOPer who's full of himself.

He pretends he'd be making a sacrifice if he ascends to Speaker of the House, so he says he'll only do so if Republican House members put their party ahead of constituents.

Now we hear the Obama White House would welcome a Ryan speakership.

Word also gets around that Ryan's a fan of open borders.

And despite high marks from the NRA, Ryan's shown weakness on defending Second Amendment rights. Ryan was among Republicans eager to go along with Democrat proposed gun control "enhancements" in 2013 until political pressure from conservatives forced him back into Republican territory.

Boehner was a terrible speaker. If Republicans embrace Ryan as the next one, chances are good things go from bad to worse.


  1. GOP elites seem convinced they can push another Judas in as speaker.

  2. Hey Doug,

    I was impressed by Ryan during the 2012 election cycle....since then.....I have been disapointed. The establishment GOP want to go along to get along and the democrats are like lemmings(did I mention that the democrats have a group think thingie going on). It is rapidly coming to the point where voting our way out is no longer a viable option.