Monday, October 12, 2015

Test your SD ammo

I bought a variety of hollow point 9mm ammo to test in a couple of pistols.

At the range today, the pricey, highly recommended 124gr Federal HST +P was a dud when tried in two Glocks.

A Glock 17 started acting up on the third shot, and had two more failure to feed issues. A similar single malfunction occurred when putting a mag of the same ammo through a Glock 19.

On the other hand, HSTs from the same box shot great in a Ruger LC9s, and we finished up the box without fail in a Taurus 908 that's long been finicky about what ammo will feed.

The Glocks fed and fired old style Federal Hi-Shocks, Remington Golden Saber, and Hornady XTP rounds without fail.  I think we may have also put some Fiocchi JHPs through the 17, also no problem.

I'm not writing this to knock HSTs. Semi-autos can be fussy about what feeds, especially newer ones that haven't had a full "break-in."  I guess that even goes for some Glocks.

Drives home an old lesson.

Test and retest each and every brand and type of ammo you plan to use for self defense. This is especially important in semi-autos. Long time shooters should know this, but folks just getting involved with guns may not realize how critical this is.

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  1. Over many years, I have run into a lot of people who have confidently carried around guns and ammo that in the actual event failed to fire or fire with consistency.