Friday, October 16, 2015

What's up with the Obama's veggie garden?

Got to thinking...

We haven't been inundated with stories about Michelle Obama growing a garden this year. So, I got to looking around.

Apparently she had one.

She also  tried to push another "healthy food" initiative as recently as August.

But even the Lefty media seemed to enjoy a tad of mockery more than straight coverage.

From Rolling Stone:
Acronyms can be confusing, especially when they suggest curse words. First Lady Michelle Obama tried to promote her new healthy food campaign FNV ("Fruits 'N' Vegetables") with a PSA aired during Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, but the host derailed the promo by assuming the "F" had another meaning.  
"I couldn't be more excited about a new campaign called 'FNV,'" Obama says in the spot before Kimmel interjects, "as in 'Eat Your F'in Vegetables.'" 

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