Saturday, October 17, 2015

Windows are killing babies in New York City

Surely something can be done to be sure windows don't become accessible to the mentally ill or others with criminal tendencies.

Maybe landlords should be required to run background checks before allowing tenants access to units with dangerous windows.
A baby was thrown to her death from a sixth-floor window in a Bronx apartment block on Thursday, witnesses and police said. Six-month old Janillah Lawrence was the third child in three months to die after being thrown out of an apartment window in New York City.
Perhaps Mayor de Blasio can convene a task force to investigate and recommend action in the wake of this rash of window violence.


  1. Technically this is just a post birth abortion, is it not? So what is the big deal.

  2. Why would anyone need a window big enough to throw a baby out of? Clearly it's time for common sense window safety restrictions.

  3. If it saves just one child it will be worth it! Ban Assault Windows Now!

  4. And what about the culpability of the landlords who provide people access to apartments with windows, and those craven politicians who bowed to the powerful rental lobby and passed the The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Apartments Act that prevents us from sueing them? Something must be done!