Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Buy ammo for that new gun

Empty ammo shelves
Early 2013
Americans keep buying more guns.

The media says it's the Paris terror attacks driving this latest sales spurt.

Really, the reasons are too numerous to recount here.

But whatever your reason for buying (or keeping) a gun, remember a gun's no better than a rock without ammo.

Looks to me like we're in a pretty good ammo buying window. Most retail shelves and online sellers are well stocked, and prices are back down to levels we've not seen in a couple years.

Retail ammo shortages have coincided with the past couple presidential election cycles.

Don't be someone caught short if it happens again.


  1. Hey Doug;

    I have been buying a box here and a box large purchases....but after a while it does add up. I will not get caught short like I did after sandy hook. Lesson learned.

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