Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Disney money strays from roots once vested in tales of liberty

The anti-gun left continues its infatuation with Abigail Disney's anti-gun documentary that chronicles an evangelical minster who now talks the talk of gun control.

As noted previously, Disney is Walt Disney's grand niece, an heir to the Disney fortune.

Anyone here remember when Disney was synonymous with good, clean family entertainment, and clearly in sync with America's traditional values?

"He Answered Freedom's Call"
Johnny Tremain DVD cover
Among the Disney tales told on wide and small screens alike is that of Johnny Tremain, a work of historical fiction set at the time of the dawning American revolution.

You may remember the tale. Johnny's an apprentice silversmith who injures his hand in an accident. And through a series of events that follow, becomes familiar with the rebel patriots of Boston.

Sparks Notes offers a spoiler for those unfamiliar with the story, when Johnny becomes acquainted with Doctor Warren, a patriot who's also a doctor:

"Although he cannot promise that Johnny will ever be a silversmith again, he assures Johnny that he will soon be able to fire the musket that Rab bequeathed to him before dying."

If you've been to Walt Disney World in Florida, you may have noticed a real life replica of something featured prominently in Disney's telling of the Johnny Tremain story: The Liberty Tree.

You may have even dined on traditional American fare at the park's nearby Liberty Tree Tavern, part of the park's Liberty Square.

How much longer before such namesakes are deemed offensive to the politically correct, and demands are made they be banished from the park? After all, these namesakes serve to remind us how the American Revolution really got rolling when colonists rose to oppose the the confiscation of arms by forces of the king.

One more thought: Any guesses how Disney's telling of Swiss Family Robinson would have turned out had the Robinsons taken a more "progressive" approach, and established their island as a "gun free zone"?

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