Monday, November 23, 2015

Immigrants don't have to vote to sway elections

America's big Democrat controlled cities are losing population.

As jobs go away, as the cities decline, those who can often move out. Sometimes they move to nearby suburbs, sometimes they flee to a more prosperous region.

This explains why Democrats eagerly cut corners to recruit massive numbers of immigrants and refugees into America.

 Congressional representation is based on total population, not just citizen count.

Immigrants and refugees are a quick way for Democrat controlled cites to boost their sagging populations, and maintain congressional clout.

In other words, immigrants and refugees don't have to become citizens, don't have to vote to play part in swaying elections or strengthening threatened clusters of the Democrat political power base.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Doug;

    The problem with these mobile democrat voters is that they still try to vote the same way in the 'burbs that they voted in the city, thereby turning their new home into the same shithole they left.....the cause and effect thingie they haven't figured out.