Monday, November 9, 2015

Mizzou Madness

I'm only half-way watching the  madness taking place at the University of Missouri.

But as a casual onlooker,  I've noted:

There are protesters who are acting as bouncers, keeping media away from interviewing protesters. Seeing as though Mizzou is supposely home to one of the nation's foremost schools of journalism, I find it odd those on campus revile the media in this manner.

Also, if protesters are being shielded from the media, how do we know these are even Mizzou students on the protest line?

American higher education is now feeding on its own. It would appear Gramsci's strategy of a long march though western institutions succeeded in wresting control, but continues on, vastly overshooting its mark, undoing any advantage gained in achieving its stated goal.

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