Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Obama era money games

Debt ceiling? No problem.

Just keep any debt over the limit off the books until Congress makes it legal.

The Washington Examiner notes:
The U.S. national debt jumped $339 billion on Monday, the same day President Obama signed into law legislation suspending the debt ceiling. 
That legislation allowed the government to borrow as much as it wants above the $18.1 trillion debt ceiling that had been in place. 
The website that reports the exact tally of the debt said the U.S. government owed $18.153 trillion last Friday, and said that number surged to $18.492 on Monday.
President Obama praises the big budget and removal of debt caps approved by Congress as "a responsible, longer term budget process." Obama and Congress, with a Republican majority, are complicit in this fiscal malfeasance.

Previously noted: Ruh-roh. Something's stuck.

And Washington's prevailing attitude continues to be, don't worry, be happy. They tell us to trust them, they're the professionals. 


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