Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Republicans roar. Call me skeptical

After 31 state governors said "no" to having Syrian refugees airlifted into their states for resettlement, it's kinda like the Congress had to get in the game.

From the Washington Post:
Republican leaders on Tuesday called for a “pause” in admitting Syrian refugees into the United States, citing national security risks in the wake of the Paris attacks.
So what's Congress going to do? Form a task force, study the issue, is today's declared course of action.

Is the Congress really gong to accomplish something here? Or do we once against get blustery Republican grandstanding, only to be followed with "compromise" (caving to Obama's plan).

Remember, Republicans played a big part in appropriating the money for the resettlement that they now say they're opposed to.

Why wasn't the issue studied in depth before Congress provided funding?

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