Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Welcome to fundamentally transforming America

Here's a treat. A 1976 comic from the Cultural Revolution in the People's Republic of China.

What better way to teach children to betray family elders than to provide a tick-tock example in comic book form.

Once unthinkable in America, does the example now seem so far fetched?

On Friday's Don and Doug program, we'll dig into the overt actions seeking fundamental change at the University of Michigan, Here's a taste of where we'll take the discussion:

Don't bother trying to justify what's happening at #Mizzou by comparison to 1960s college style protests, there are few similarities. But there are some deep contrasts that can be made; among them, in the 1960s, administrators had the moral courage to stand up to Marxists and Maoists bullies.  
One more contrast, without giving away all this week's program content, in the '60s, protesters claimed their actions to be about wider freedom. Today, what's happening on campuses like Missouri or Yale is about crushing dissent, and mandatory enforcement of uniformity of thought.  
What's happening at #Mizzou is the latest incarnation of #Occupy. And an off-shoot of #BlackLivesMatter. An attempt to instill chaos, and destroy social framework, for the sake of pursuing ambigious goals triggered by events either inconsequential in their original form, or twisted into narratives that don't match the original incident.
Friday's Don and Doug starts at noon eastern on BlogTalkRadio.  And yes, that's Friday the 13th.


  1. Hey Doug;

    I recall from the stats that 1 out of 7 East Germans were in the employ of the Stasi, they would sell their neighbor or family down the road for extra rations or for the glory of the socialist revolution. I can almost see that happening here with all the pro snitching things I see in the schools.
    The administrators caving to the students will encourage the others.....We have a generation of special snowflakes that can't handle adversity.....what will happen if this country goes through something like another great depression..Will they have the mental hardness to survive...?

  2. Makes me wonder. Is DHS still touting the line from Big Sis?

    "If you see something, say something"