Friday, December 4, 2015

Another record-breaker

Black Friday 2015 gun sales broke a new record. 

Empty ammo shelves
Early 2013
And that was before a trio of Muslim Jihadists targeted a Christmas party in San Bernardino, before Obama and the Democrats unleashed their latest emotional tirades for more gun control.

Pity the poor general merchandise retailers who won't see expected holiday sales this December because anti-gun forces are again causing gun control panic.

Remember December 2012? Some blamed the weather, some blamed Sandy Hook shootings for sluggish holiday sales.  But while general retailers took a big hits, families diverted last-minute holiday budgets to specialty stuff like guns and ammo because of the panic brought on by a fanatical push for gun control.

You couldn't find a guns or ammo in stores by the time Christmas 2012 arrived. And in some cases, gun and ammo inventories remained depleted well into the following year as manufacturers couldn't keep up with on-going demand.

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