Friday, December 4, 2015

Gun laws, only as good as those enforcing them

Forget not the Obama team that now demands more gun control in the U.S. previously instructed U.S. retailers to look the other way as straw buyers filled a pipeline with semi-auto rifles bound for Mexican cartels.

They called it Operation Fast and Furious. Some of the guns were eventually recovered at mass shooting scenes. Some otherwise recovered. Still others apparently remain in criminal hands.

Undated DOJ document (2011 or earlier)
Click for larger image

The Obama administration, claiming executive privilege, still blocks release of documents that would show how high approval for this operation went. However, it seems inconceivable that U.S. Department of State wasn't looped in as guns were allowed to flow into a neighboring nation where such arms are prohibited by law.

Hillary Clinton was secretary of state at the time. Eric Holder headed DOJ. And despite the spin you might see some Democrat-protecting websites, Barack Obama was indeed president when the operation first got underway.

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