Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Here's your bullet, Barn...

A 12 round limit every 90 days works out
to one round every 7.5 days

Woke up to this.

Some lawmakers in New York propose limiting civilian ammo sales to only twice the number of rounds a gun holds, and then restricting said ammo purchases to only once every 90 days.  That puts caps of ten, twelve or fourteen rounds on most ammo sales, and gun owners would have to wait three months before buying again. 

The lawmakers say their intent is to make sure terrorists can't build stockpiles.

Yeah, right.

How the heck are law abiding gun owners supposed to be proficient if they're denied sufficient ammo to practice with? How will they know a firearm has dependable function if they can't feed it ammo in a break-in period, or to sufficiently test after a modification or repair?

Know-nothing anti-gun lawmakers are going to get law abiding gun owners hurt or killed by forbidding them opportunity to train or fully vet a firearm, or from having ammo necessary for self defense.  But maybe that's what these totalitarian bastards want: To build a series of skewed stats purporting that guns aren't safe, and can't be trusted in self-defense situations.

H/T: Sipsey Street

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