Thursday, December 17, 2015

Letter to my establishment lapdog congressman

Last I checked, Congressman Rob Woodall (R-GA) still hasn't posted anything about Omnibus on his Facebook page or on Twitter.

Rep. Woodall is supposed to be representing me in the Congress I've sent him the following via email:

What happened to all your rosy talk before the Gwinnett Chamber last December? 
Are you satisfied with the damage being done by arrogant House and Senate leadership that moves legislation going against the best interests of, and against the will of the people? 
Boehner was a nightmare. Ryan's a disaster. Again in the budgeting process, conservatives are shoved aside, as Ryan and McConnell steer the country more to the left by being fully complicit with Obama's agenda. 
I am against Syrian refugee resettlement on the government dime. There's no effective way to vet them, and many will have intentions to shape as into a form more pleasing to Islam than they are interested in assimilating into America.  
The anti-American abuses in Omnibus are too many to mention. Defeat this bill. Enact a short term funding resolution, and come back next year and start doing appropriations in an honest and more honorable manner. 
Do you really think Republicans can hold Congress next November after two straight years of Republican leadership and their minion underlings stabbing voters in the back with CRomnibus and Omnibus games?

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