Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lexicon change?

Watching coverage to unfolding events in San Bernardino.

Can't help but notice cable news types keep referring to "long guns" or "long rifles" as the weapons used as opposed to the usual "assault rifle" labeling.

Talking-point lexicon change?

If so, does the came emanate from someone's political talking points?

Or does audience research show bashing "assault rifles" has become a turn off to the TV audience?

Even when the killers were confirmed to have AR15s, the network talking heads keep going back to the awkward "long rifle" terminology.

Is this the "new" terminology what will accompany the next, wider, gun control push?

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  1. Hey DOug;

    From what I have read, the main shooter was a Muslim, it will be funny to see how "dear" leaders' and his sycophants spin this in the morning shows