Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Privilege. Think of it as a Marxist buzz word

"You know you've gone Full Marxist when you no longer communicate with people, instead you write denounciations of them. When even a stupid subjective argument over music has to be settled by accusing the other side of privilege. As the left wraps itself in a warp cocoon of identity politics and political correctness, this is where we are now." - Daniel Greenfield, writing at Front Page Mag

Strikes me, today's progressives assail privilege much the same as old line Commies used to malign the bourgeoisie.

Listening to shortwave as a kid, it used to crack me up now hardliner Commie bloc broadcasters used to work phrases like "capitalist bourgeoisie dogs" into nearly every commentator. Radio Tirana out of Albania used to be especially bad about using that particular phrase.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    I have made a comment in the past that we are the modern day Kulaks, we are necessary to have our wealth seized for the use of government. We are necessary to have a class enamy to be demonized by the party apparatchik. We are the source of all the woes of the world....according to the liberals.