Monday, December 14, 2015

Rabid anti-gunners want confiscation, but where does it end?

Daily Kos indulges in fantasy, or is it?

A writer at Daily Kos spells out raids and audits of every gun sold by every gun seller, with copies of every Form 4473 placed in possession of bureaucrats in DC... ATF raids backed up by National Guard troops, going house to house...

The article at Kos even includes Stalin like measures of withholding water, food, fuel and utility services from communities that dare resist.

The Kos writer is sure Republicans would go along.

Can you bank on Republicans not caving, maybe not this month, but at some point in the near future?

Welcome to the fundamentally transformed America, those constitution protections you count on apparently no longer phase the radical "progressives."

But do read all the way through.

You'll find the writer understands the concept of slippery slope.

Even a writer at Daily Kos understands the end game after gun confiscation.

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