Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This almost sounds designed for intentional abuse

 No notice necessary. Cops in California may selectively start grabbing some folks guns in the new year.

Something called the Gun Violence Restraining Order goes into effect January 1st in California.

Breitbart reports:
According to KPCC, GVROs “could be issued without prior knowledge of the person. In other words, a judge could issue the order without ever hearing from the person in question, if there are reasonable grounds to believe the person is a threat based on accounts from the family and police.” And since the order can be issued without the gun owner even being present to defend him or herself, confiscation can commence without any notice to the gun owner once the order is issued.
What ever happened to due process,  the right to face one's accusers?

Things that were once woven into the fabric of America are being snipped away.

H/T: Sipsey Street, where a comment also links to this additional story about the new California law.

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