Saturday, December 12, 2015

Threat to Trump supporters

The Left is starting to show it's inner Stalin. Or maybe it's its inner Mao.

An ACLU board member in Colorado posted on Facebook suggesting its time to kill Trump supporters. The board member has since resigned. Meanwhile a woman, also in Colorado, has been arrested after calling Planned Parenthood and reportedly said she found the idea of shooting up a room full of Republicans be be "tempting."

 Update:  But wait, there's more.

Via YouTube
There's a video on YouTube that shows children and others beating a Trump pinata.

"I want to kill him," says one boy.

Looks strangely like the kind of indoctrination ISIS or Palestinian radicals put kids through to ensure deep rooted hatred of professed enemies.  There's even an ISIS-like scene where the severed head is raised aloft.

And yet, the Lefties in Portland, Oregon apparently dare claim this pinata bashing was intended to "promote peace," and was more about marketing a food vendor than politics.

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  1. Progressive Democrat and Islamofascist child rearing techniques appear to be essentially the same.