Sunday, December 13, 2015

To hold tyrants in check

We do not have a Second Amendment to protect hunting rifles and shotguns. We do not have a Second Amendment to enable our personal self defense.

The Second Amendment was added to the Constitution after founders expressed, during the constitutional ratification process, fears of a Congress that would have the means to trample and subvert the will and the rights of the people.

Patrick Henry, in 1788, was among those expressing such sentiment:

"Your militia is given up to Congress, also, in another part of this plan; they will therefore act as they think proper; all power will be in their own possession. You can not force them to receive their punishment: of what service would militia be to you, when, most probably, you will not have a single musket in the State? For, as arms are to be provided by Congress, they may or may not furnish them," said Henry in a speech before the Virginia convention held to ratify the Constitution.

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