Saturday, January 2, 2016

Burglary in progress

Interesting walk with my wife yesterday.

Typical four mile trek through neighborhoods surrounding ours, but on a route we'd not walked before. Just working off some holiday meal calories.

About three miles in, we found ourselves smack-dab in front of an apparent two house burglary in progress that was spotted and interrupted by a neighbor.

Two perps ran right past us to their car, which almost t-boned an SUV as they backed out the driveway to make a getaway. At the same time, the lady neighbor came out shouting "Get the tag number, they broke into (name)'s house." While we were on the phone calling 911, a  third subject came running from behind the targeted homes.

Seeing his pals gone, he took off the other direction. What the hell, I gave foot chase. About two blocks in, the couple in the SUV also joined the pursuit. The suspect then cut into a yard and jumped a fence. I'd taken things far enough. No fence jumping for me.

Cops rolled up about a minute later, took my suspect description. Another officer in the suspect's direction of travel picked him up within minutes.  Suspect is currently in jail on a felony burglary charge.

Never intended to overtake the guy as I ran after him, just wanted to ascertain direction of travel, knowing police were enroute. Glad the dude got nabbed.

Maybe word will get out the neighborhood's not a soft target for burglary.

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