Friday, January 29, 2016

How Trump's like Reagan... and Obama

Human nature is a funny thing. I'm watching people who've spent eight years attacking Obama, and vilifying his supporters as sheeple blindly following a false messiah who have now gone as deep into Trump worship as anything the Dems bubbled with for Obama.
My friend and podcast co-host Don responds:
Actually you are describing basic or default human nature very well. It is only in the West that the notion of critical thinking based on reason and logic using data, facts, and evidence ever emerged and took hold.  
The success of the leftist Gramscian great march has severely diminished the already small cohort of critical thinkers. The magic of men like Reagan and Trump is that they main line into the deep anxieties of the non-critical thinking/dumb masses who nevertheless lean right.
Let me add, not all my Trump supporting friends have ventured into what I consider "cult" status, but I've crossed paths with more than a few. There's a lot I like about what Trump's doing, Some things I don't.  Please see my comment, and the Bill Whittle video in the prior post.

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