Saturday, January 30, 2016

Obama's gonna visit a mosque

Get ready for another Obama lecture on the greatness of Islam.

The president has plans for a high profile mosque visit.

Obama didn't just pick any mosque.

He apparently found one with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

One that also preaches against the sin of homosexuality.

Gays should have no place in society, says an imam imam there.

Daniel Greenfield writes:
Imam Yaseen Shaikh, its British-born resident scholar who appears to run its educational system, is not a fan of gays. But that won't stop Obama from paying his respects.  
During an hour long diatribe, Shaikh called homosexuality a psychological disorder that has no place in Islam or society. He also lamented that gay rights groups have “hijacked” political discourse.  
Much of what Yaseen Shaikh is generic enough. You can hear the same thing at a lot of churches and synagogues. But that would be enough to bring down liberal politically correct fury on them. Though Shaikh also repeatedly suggests that Muslims need to learn from gay groups how to advance their causes and how to make the unacceptable, seem acceptable. 
Imagine the outcry and push-back activism if a Republican were to make a high profile visit to a church known for outspoken "homophobic" advocacy.

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