Thursday, January 14, 2016

Yeah, posting's been scarce lately...

Haven't been online as much, therefore less frequent posting.  Hope to ramp things back up in the coming days.

I've been under a house, doing some crawlspace dampness remediation after the Christmas week rain storms. Moisture hadn't been much of a problem previously, but those heavy rains sure made some big messes in lots of people's basements and crawlspaces.  Our own house fared well thanks to an existing sump pit. A rental property we own, however did take in some water, so I re-excavated some old under-house drainage paths, and put a pump into what appears to have been a sump pit dug decades earlier.

We also installed some crawlspace ventilation fans with both humidity and temperature controls. The fans can be adjusted to come on when a humidity threshold is reached, but the units are designed to shut down if temps fall below 40 degrees. Last thing you want is for fans under a house to create windchill, thereby creating potential for frozen pipes.

I've also been collecting some additional cold weather outdoor wear, beating the bushes for bargains in thermals, wool outer wear, and other stuff I can wear hiking during the winter months and into the spring.

Bulky but warm, Korean War style M1951 military surplus cold weather wool trousers and shirts are readily available from multiple eBay and other online sellers right now. I'm talking "new old stock" surplus. Stuffs that's apparently been sitting in warehouses since it was made 30 or 40 years ago.

Old  style olive drab military wear blends well with civilian outdoor clothes; doesn't carry the tactical appearance of more contemporary camo patterns.

We probably don't get cold enough weather often enough in Georgia to fully justify heavy wool winter gear, but there's no harm done in picking up  piece or two for around 20 bucks a pop.  Having thermals and some woolly wear has let me fully enjoy some recent brisk walks during some recent subfreezing conditions.

Also found a set of "new with labels" ACUs in my size at a Goodwill this afternoon. Thirteen bucks for the set, so I snapped 'em up. I'm thinking they're "too military" for everyday wear, but if nothing else, they'll be great for crawling around under houses and doing other dirty outdoor jobs.

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