Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 delivers a bumpy ride

Time's been spent this week tweaking my 16-year-old Ford Ranger to, at least for the time being, resume a role as an everyday vehicle. Darn thing couldn't swing 15 mpg earlier this week, but seems to be doing much better after cleaning the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. Never heard of MAF 'til I started researching possible causes of my lousy mileage. Easy task once I found the right Torx bit and a spray can of sensor cleaner at AutoZone.

I'm also spending more time reading my favored economic and financial sites. Things are looking mighty bleak, and Central Bankers seem to have no more tricks left in their magic bags. Pulled some money out of the market this morning. Maybe I should lock in some CDs paying around one-percent before things unravel further, and the Fed tries to steer us into negative interest rate territory.

On top of it all, the political elites are pulling their hair out over Bernie and Donald.

For the life of me, I can't get a reading on Trump. I like a lot of what he's done to upset the establishment's apple cart. I just don't have a feel of where he'd try to take us if he's elected.

He's pretty clear about what he wants on the border, and on Islamic immigration. But he also talks like he wants to open the door for government single-payer health care.

And it concerns me so many conservative voters want to bestow the title of conservative on Trump. Trump's a populist pitching nationalism. That's not necessarily synonymous with conservative.

If you've followed the Don and Doug program in recent months, you know we anticipated 2016 to be an emotional roller coaster filled with uncertainty and deepening calamities. Not yet two months in, we're seeing just how wild a ride it can deliver.

By the way, no program this week. My Friday afternoon, if goes as planned, will be spent settling with the insurance company on my Sienna that got totaled last week.

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