Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gun seller with a sense of humor

Lifted this from an ad from AIM Surplus.

Yee Haw! Free cosmoline!

On a more serious note, I find it ironic that the price of these Mausers has risen as they have despite the fact that economical surplus ammo for them dried up several years ago. Sure, they're nice rifles. But Mosin prices have risen proportionally, but the Mosin's appeal (other than being much cheaper still) is that you can get cases of cheap surplus ammo for 'em.

8mm, with very few exceptions, is pricey stuff these days.

I picked up a decent, but probably just below B grade Yugo Mauser in a pawn shop a decade ago, think I paid around $150. J&G and a couple other online sellers had 'em for $125 at the time. Quit shooting it when I got down to only a couple hundred rounds of surplus ammo and couldn't find anymore.

I hate the thought of having any firearm without at least some ammo for it.

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