Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hit from behind

You may know of the minivan I'm often fond of bragging on. Just 92 miles shy of 200k, it got nailed from behind by a beefy pickup yesterday.

We bought this van new in '06. Other than changing out the alternator and regular maintenance, zero issues with this piece of awesome engineering. I liked the ride and handling of it far more than the newer Odyssey my wife drives now.

I'd all but given up driving my Ranger cuz the Sienna could haul most everything a pickup can, and do it in more comfort and kept things more secure and drier.

Oh well.

No one hurt yesterday. But these newer vehicles sure do crumple and bend in absorbing the shock of a collision.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    Yep the newer vehicles do crumple...I went through 2 Ford Focuses, my 2005 ST when I hit a deer at 85 MPH on I75 on the way to work and when a lady in a 2007 Tahoe turned in front of me and I plowed into her doing 65 MPH. The cars crumple but they direct the kinetic energy away from the passengers. I hope my 2010 Milan don't have the same fate....