Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Just say no"

The Left mocked Nancy Reagan's anti-drug campaign.

But now Europe's PC leadership insists just saying "no", and perhaps the swing of a purse, is all that's needed to stop rape.

As taught via TV in Finland:

Europe's in the midst of an escalating rape epidemic because it allowed its nations to be invaded by millions of uneducated, illiterate "migrants" whose only concept of social order appears to be lifted from the violent, vengeful lessons they've heard preached from the Koran.

If governments refuse to protect their citizens, citizens will protect themselves. And even rise up and replace their governments.

Online pundit Ol' Remus shared a thought along these lines recently:
If European and Scandinavian governments force the citizenry to choose between the ongoing Moslem invasion and a '30s-style fascist regime, they'll choose a '30s-style fascist regime. And if things should go seriously bad, if they do what they are capable of doing, and have done repeatedly since Medieval times, in five years there wouldn't be a living Moslem north of the Mediterranean. As for the invaders, it's not too late for an orderly retreat back to the lands from which they came.
If fascism returns to Europe, blame goes squarely on the failure of elitist establishment governments and the political correctness that blinded them.

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