Monday, February 29, 2016

Location, location, location

When Mitt Romney ran in 2012, his campaign set him up to host a pancake breakfast at our local high school. We're in a decidedly Republican stronghold. And even those in the community who didn't support Romney showed up for the chance to have a presidential candidate serve 'em a plate of 'cakes. The place was packed to capacity, with spillover.

Cruz's ground team has missed on almost every effort since Iowa. Or missed enough that it looks that way. On Saturday, a Cruz rally in downtown Atlanta, drew about 500 people, according to media reports.

Why would anyone stage a GOP candidate's rally in a largely deserted downtown area on a Saturday morning, far from Republican voting districts? Just dumb.

In comparision, a Marco Rubio rally held 25 miles to the north, on Republican turf in a northern Atlanta suburb, drew 5-thousand or more. Like the Romney event four years ago, many who showed up may have merely been curiosity seekers. But it looks good on camera.

Sad really that the Cruz campaign blew this latest opportunity.

I think Cruz has a solid approach targeting a return to a more basic, constitutional republic.

But big government establishment and its supporters want no part of it.

And Cruz remains too wonkish to attract support from the angry masses who know establishment has betrayed them. They'd rather hear Trump over simplify, and communicate on very basic, very emotional level.

It's human nature. ]Donald Trump's rise has been helped by decades of efforts to dumb down Americans, efforts like education curriculum that emphasized emotion over reason.

I think it significant that well known and well respected Republican conservative Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama endorsed Trump over the weekend. It's an endorsement that will likely pack a punch in the core southern states voting tomorrow in the Super Tuesday primary.

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