Friday, February 26, 2016

Meanwhile, on the phone front...

I've had two political pollsters call in the past two nights.

Last night's was an automated poll sponsored by Ted Cruz's Keep the Promise III PAC.

Tonight, a pollster called that I suspect was working for Marco Rubio. The bulk of the questioning centered on Rubio.

"Would you be more likely to support Rubio if Romney endorsed him?"

Next question: "Would you be more likely to support Rubio if Paul Ryan endorsed him?"

 Next... "Would you be more likely to support Rubio if Jeb Bush endorsed him?"

Pollster guy snickered at some of phrasing of my answers. One of my responses to one of the above was something like: "How deep into the establishment sewer are you trying to drag me?"

This sounded like a Rubio poll. But it makes me wonder.

Could it possibly have been on behalf of GOPe, or aligned parties, attempting to gauge whether backing Rubio is worth the risk of soiling others' reputations by doing so.

Will the active field of candidates see significant changes by Tuesday?

Establishment panic will only increase as the Trump's train gains momentum. I noted in the previous post, Chris Christie is now in as endorsing Trump.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    The establishment is pulling out all the stops hoping to derail the Donald. They liked having us quiet and docile so they can push their own agenda rather than what their base wanted. Well the Donald represents the anger and fury of the electorate against the establishment. the dems are dealing with their own version with the bernie.