Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump train picks up speed rolling toward Super Tuesday

Year after year the political establishment thought they were rolling over the voters.

Then Bam! Along comes Donald Trump, who capitalizes on the anger and resentment establishment created.

Now, guys like David Brooks at the New York Times seem to want the "outsiders" denied a seat at the table to roll back into the a more docile mode.

Ain't gonna happen.

Don't like what you see? Don't blame Trump as much as the likes of John Boehner and Paul Ryan, guys who told us to trust the GOP, then commenced with knives in our backs as soon as the votes were counted, as they became overwhelmingly complicit with a big government DC agenda.

I'm oft been critical of Trump's campaign. But I've also long been tired of professional politicians telling the "little people" to sit down, shut up, and take what scraps the elites were willing to dole out.

In today's blogcast, Don Dickinson and I, not as Trump supporters, outline the case that the Trump train is likely unstoppable at this point.

This just in: Chris Christie has chosen to empower the Trump Express. 

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