Monday, February 22, 2016

Where things stand post-SC

Mike Huckabee posted a post-South Carolina primary assessment.

If you're on FaceBook, you should have access.

Huckabee says, in part:
The American people aren't stupid, even when they're wrong. Republican voters knew that they had been head-faked and used by forces that didn't really care about them. So they turned to candidates who speak their minds, and are firmly outside Establishment politics. Better someone I can trust to tell me the truth than more of the same. Trump and Cruz are two versions of outsider, in-your-face politicians who will do as they say. 
It's not surprising, and it was inevitable. This electorate is the political monster that the Establishment created from spare parts of the body politic. It's escaped and no one knows how to restrain it. 
Marco Rubio? Really? Trump and Cruz can stomp on him for days. Just imagine the Schumer/immigration and Christie/Robot commercials if the Donald decides to spend a little cash on ads. 
Super Delegates? Really? Trump comes to the convention with 45 percent of the delegates he needs and the unelected Establishment delegates unite behind Paul Ryan or some other supply-sider with a smile? Trumpites and Cruzians will stay home in droves in November.
Meanwhile, hardcore progressives have joined the push to sack the Cruz campaign. Strikes me, they only build a case for him...

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