Thursday, March 10, 2016

Arrests follow alleged threat over Trump yard sign

I suspect it's going to be a long, hot summer.

Heck, spring's not even here yet.

Chattanooga's WRCB reports on an incident in Dalton, Georgia:
Officials say three men were walking down Woodland Drive when one of them, Mauricio Rodriguez, 18, pulled up a Donald Trump for President campaign sign from the lawn of 605 West Woodland Drive and crumpled it up before throwing it into the street. 
Rodriguez then kept walking with Alexander Moreno, 17, and Hector Ayala, 20, when the residents of the home saw Rodriguez damage the sign. David Grant, 42, followed the three into the stree and demanded they stop and fix his sign. The three of them kept on walking and Grant continued to follow them, grabbing Rodriguez by his vest. At that point, Alexander Moreno lifted up his shirt to reveal a handgun in a holster. He pulled the gun out and pointed it at Grant, telling him to let Rodriguez go. The three then fled on foot. 
Officers who responded to the call were able to locate Moreno, Rodriguez, and Ayala nearby in the area of Avenue E and stopped them. All three were taken into custody. 
My, my. This certainly seems to go against the politically correct narratives of so-called mainstream media. How many MSM stories have you seen or heard that sought to frame Trump supporters as being the ones who are thuggish or bullies?

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    With those they are illegal and they will not be deported.