Sunday, March 13, 2016

Break out the arms and ammo, because there's something in the air

Based on reports thus far, Trump supporters, for the most part, kept their cool in Chicago under very adverse conditions.

At least some were apparently ready if they felt their lives were threatened.

ABC in Chicago reports folks fleeing the anti-Trump mob took up arms and waited out the trouble in a parking garage:
"The police, they don't seem to be doing anything to get anyone out of here, so everyone in the parking garage started to get weapons out of their car, they're ready to fight," said a caller named Cathy. "We're stuck in the garage. We haven't moved. We haven't been able to leave." 
One driver said someone in the swarm of counter-Trump protesters shot at his car then tossed a brick at the windshield. Cars began leaving the garage not too long after that, with police controlling the flow of vehicles.
Would violence have been worse had those taking refuge in the garage not had access to arms to defend themselves, and to deter further aggression?

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