Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GOP orchestrates win for Common Core

Mitch McConnell and appeasing Republicans orchestrated another win for Obama and Common Core. Seven Republicans in the U.S. Senate voted with the Democrats to confirm Obama's pick for Sec. of Education, John King, a Common Core advocate.

Siding with the Dems: Alexander, Cassidy, Cochran, Collins, Cornyn, Hatch, and McConnell himself.

Eight other Republicans did not vote: Cruz. Flake, Kirk, McCain, Portman, Rubio, Sessions, and Toomey.

Additional details can be found at the Daily Signal.

Can you count on presidential leadership from no-shows in the Senate?


More I think about this, the more it bugs me.

McConnell probably put the vote where he did, knowing it would get lost and quickly forgotten in a news cycle dominated by campaign rallies and the next day's primaries.

Had Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio (Both would have been best) returned to DC, and taken a strong stand against Common Core, all eyes would have been on the senate, and yesterday's vote might have gone very differently.

The news value of standing up to King and Common Core would have likely done more for Cruz or Rubio's standing going into Tuesday primaries than any dozen rallies they could hold.

Cruz and Rubio, for all their talk against Common Core, let us down big time yesterday.


  1. Today's Ted Cruz doesn't have the fight and fire the Ted Cruz of 2013 showed us. The old Ted Cruz wasn't afraid to go into the lion's den. Today's Ted is merely conventional.

  2. Cruz now works to please his new establishment donors. They came after Jeb imploded, they like Common Core.