Monday, April 18, 2016

Maps in print getting scarce

I hate depending on GPS to find my way around.

Sure, talking GPS navigation and online maps are prevalent now, but I also like have a hard copy of local maps for times when Internet is down or cellphone data is unavailable for map viewing on-the-go.

Imagine my shock today when I opened up and found local map books for my county are now priced from $500 to well over 2-grand. Local map books, it seems, have gone the way of telephone books, and are now deemed an obsolete collector's item.

Kept digging, I managed to find a "little used" 2010 Gwinnett County map book from a used book seller for around ten bucks, plus shipping. Snatched it up. Would have bought another if two had been available.

Used map books showing neighboring Atlanta and DeKalb County appear more common and readily available at more typical used book pricing. Bought one o' them as well.

Highly recommend acquiring local maps now if you've not done so, if you can find 'em at a reasonable price. Never know when you might need 'em. And if you never use 'em, you may be holding on to a pricey collectible.

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