Friday, April 22, 2016

Pondering this

Lifted this from My Daily Kona...
Donald Trump was a bundler who raised lots of money for McCain and Romney, men who seem honorable. Yet they turned their back on Trump and actually worked to block his nomination. Theories abound as to why that may be. I will offer this one: It is not that Trump is about to be elected president -- it is about the people who will elect him. McCain outright called them "crazies."
I'm not necessarily in the Trump camp, but I think the premise presented is a valid one.

Astounds me how GOP establishment not only continues to attack Trump, but also attacks Trump supporters. Strikes me, GOP leadership seems perfectly happy running a second tier party, and looks perfectly content to lose both this year's presidential election as well has huge numbers of the party's (former) voter base.

I've seen speculation that today's GOPe finds it easier to fund raise as the minority party. And being a minority party, there's a built-in excuse for not delivering on the "conservative" agenda the party touts in most every campaign.

With GOP already controlling the House, and having a slim majority in the Senate, should  a Republican win the White House, the party's excuse for failing to reverse Washington's present "progressive" direction would vanish.  This, I believe, would be a nightmare for GOP establishment, and the party will act increasingly dysfunctional as it works to make sure it doesn't happen.

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