Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another storm related power outage

Had a storm-caused two hour power outage last night.

Internet stayed up because we have an uninterrupted power supply (battery backup intended for computers) dedicated to the modem/wifi. Cost me less than a hundred bucks, and was money well spent. (These units plug into the wall much like a surge suppressor, and they switch over to a battery when the power goes out, thus being an uninterrupted power supply).

Meanwhile, battery powered lanterns gave reasonable light as we watched over-the-air TV on a set powered by a 140 amp hour battery bank that charges each day via solar.

My daughter and I settled into watching a TV channel dedicated to old game shows.  Was fun noting some of the cultural differences of the 1980s when last night's shows were made, and our present day and age.

Tip for those who don't watch over-the-air TV and might have interest in setting up an antenna: Get an antenna amplifier. Using a set of  "rabbit ears" and an amp gets us a consistent signal on most the Atlanta stations, and most Atlanta (and elsewhere) stations now have at least a couple of "back channels" offering additional programming.

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