Sunday, May 22, 2016

Formula reporting

The Washington Post seems to see growing numbers of Americans who are fed up with a government that's increasingly eager to trample over the will of the people.

So, naturally, the Washington Post resorts to formula reporting seemingly intended to undercut the legitimacy of those who assess our present government as leaning ever more to the side of tyranny.

The Post's online headline:

The Post seems eager to closely tie present wariness of government to Bundy Ranch or related events in Oregon, but these are only two incidents where things bubbled to the point of getting media attention. While they may exemplify the wider notion of government distrust or betrayal, not all who are wary of government necessarily embrace these particular causes.

The Post also attempts to play the race card, attempting to link Barack Obama's racial status as somehow being a bigger factor in public dissatisfaction than policies of social engineering Obama and the government have pushed for the past seven and a half years.

But while the Post stoops to formula reporting, its text also conveys the thoughts and concerns of a class of Americans the Post seems eager to use its field of "experts" to disparage.

If accurate, I surmise the attitude of many of those arming up, as portrayed by the Washington Post, probably have much in common with the citizens of Charleston, SC nearing the end of 1860, early 1861.

Or the good people of Boston and the wider Massachusetts colony of 1773-1775. Folk who are strained and weary from government's ever heavier hand reaching deeper into their lives.

I suspect armed Americans will be getting more high profile MSM coverage in the coming months, and not sympathetic coverage.

The Left needs to create perceptions of mass movements of armed paranoids to help fuel its re-surging push for gun control.

It ties well with Hillary Clinton's touted campaign platform of stacking the Supreme Court, and moving forward on an anti-gun agenda.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    I read the article, noticed that they got their information from the SPLC, now that is truly unbiased source. They had to mention the race of Obama, like we are all closet bigots. the mainstream media don't get it, they don't understand why people are pissed off, they are in their own bubbles with like minded people and what they believe is not what people believe that live outside the urban liberal cities, and the northeast corridor and the left coast(literally and politically). they don't understand why people in "flyover country" are pissed, they don't get the government overreach because they agree with it. This is the bernie and trump effect, more trump than bernie but this shows the anger of the voters.