Monday, May 9, 2016

Section 8 resettlement push coming

New York Post updates on a subject I think I've touched on before: The Obama plan to systematically resettle minority urban dwellers deeper into Republican dominated suburbs.

Some Democrats may cheer this as a play for 'social justice', but consider the impact on minority dominated urban communities when Section 8 subsidies shrink, and folks begin moving out in large numbers.

Rental occupancy will fall, rent prices will take hit, property values will slide, and property tax collectons will decline. Sure, localities can raise raise taxes to cover shortfalls, but that only sets the stage for more folks bailing out and moving on.

Communities that have been most loyal in voting Democrat are about to get bitch-slapped by Obama.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    You are right and wrong....Obungler section 8 resettlement will dilute the white/GOP voting areas and possible turn some areas blue. Besides transferring the loyal base and crime into the "Red" areas, they will backfill the cities with all these illegal immigrants that need a place to stay, it is a win on both fronts as they remind the same people who "provided" the largesse and whom to vote for guaranteeing a voter majority.